3 weeks in Mexico…..now what?

27 06 2010

My title for this post is very appropriate for a few reasons.  The first is as most know, in missions you never completely know what to expect.  With every day comes unexpected moments and schedule changes.  The second and more important one is a question to God for me in this trip.  Now what Lord?  That is the question I have.  The first month of training and ministry has been a big test of faith, yet an encouraging experience…..but the journey is not complete yet.  I still have a month left in Mexico ministering and reaching our with the LOVE of CHRIST.  The questions continue, and many may not be answered before I return to the states, but I expect God to do wonderous things in Mexico in the weeks to come.  I wouldn´t be here if I didn`t believe that He was going to provide for us and be present in our ministry.

Oh no, the days are starting to run together :)….since my last post, I have finished my time in Guigovelga (one of 3 ministry sites that our team lived in).  The days went fast, and I really do miss the ministry there and all of the relationships that began in our short 2 week period there.  During our last 3 days there we held 2 children programs.  They were full of energy (mostly from the children) and the children left singing the songs and friendships began.  Each time I encounter those kids I am surrounded in joy and love.  When I am with them I am reminded of the message that Jesus had about children and faith.  The message says that we are to have faith like a child.  I am a believer of that now, and I have learned so much from these children.  Their joy, friendships, and just spontaneous energy reflects how we should be as mature Christians of strong faith.

The second children service was really a surprise to us.  Ha ha, we were planning on a formal evening service for adults, but children were the ones that showed up 🙂  This part of ministry was my favorite, for I have a much easier time connecting and communicating with the children. 

On Friday we returned to Progreso with the rest of the teams and had a time of relaxation.  We shared our testimonies about the trip in the last service with Pastor Nicolas.  The service was special to us in more than one way.  In the last part of it, we were asked to gather around the altar to be prayed for.  It was a very intimate and I like to say electric experience for the SPIRIT was there and very real to us.  Most of the church had gathered around us to prayer for us, and combined prayers in Spanish were beautiful to my ears, but more importantly; blessings to Him.

Since then we have travelled back to Juchitan (our starting point of the trip, AKA home base).  Oh I can`t forget to mention the 4 hour drive through the night…….6 of us guys rode in the back on a truck through the mountains.  The night was beautiful and I have never seen such a beautiful moon and clouds before.  I am encouraged most when the team is just together.  I sense comfort and love like nothing before as I sit closely with my friends….I will always cherish those moments.

Saturday was a days of feasts.  We ate at Burger King for lunch!!!  That was incredible for the American team, for we were really missing `American`food 🙂  Justing sitting and eating greasy burgers reminded us of our homes and those that we love.  It was a really important time to us, plus the burgers were just darn good too!!!  Later we had birthday party with a person we met (in any other situation I would feel like we were crashing a birthday party – for we had never met the birthday girl) and we were fed plentifully.  Later we were fed again, Claudia`s special garnachas.

Today has been a great day as well.  We finished a church service earlier today with Claudia`s sister, the Pastor there.  The service was good, and we were able to share of testimonies about Project Paul.  Also, the worship leader`s name was Natanael (the Spanish spelling of my name)….I met him after the service, he is a pretty cool cat 🙂  Now we are enjoying Mexico`s next game in the World Cup against Argentina.  Our day stalls anytime that a game of this magnitude is on air…….Vamos Mexico!

Thanks for your prayers and support!  I will never forget the sense of your love as your prayers come in from everywhere!  I am little overwhelmed of His love every time that we come into a new church and find out later that they have been praying for our time.  How did they know about us?  Those moments remind me of His GRANDness and GREATness……His ministry in moving and continuing everywhere, even in your backyard!

Dios te bendiga!




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28 06 2010

Wow looks like you had a busy week Jesus is definitly working in you life and in you surroundings. I went to the reunion and everybody asked about you and quess what we oly have 6 shirts left PTL had a little drama but that is what makes a family I will keep you in prayer I will tell you all the stories about when we were selling your shirts

I love you and so does Jesus


4 07 2010
Liz Wieczorek

I agree with Dad! You have been busy since your last post. We got home from our mission trip last night. It was a great week. It was hard since it was my last year with the 9th graders though. I love those kids, and just like you learn so much from the children you work with, I have learned so much from the teens and still am! I love run-on sentences! 😉

I have no words of wisdom tonight, just that I am so proud of you. You are not a little child, but I am being reminded about so many truths about God as I read your blog. It already sounds like you are taking on the faith of a child…that is contagious! Thanks! I love you so very much and of course you are in my prayers lots and lots!
Ellie sends her love and says that she misses you 🙂 Chris too! 😀

4 07 2010
Liz Wieczorek

Natie Pie,
This verse seems to sum up what you have been learning : John 3:30 “He must become greater; I must become less.” Just wanted to share it with you. Love you!

5 07 2010

Thanks for your replies!!! I love reading them and feeling new encouragement and confidence afterwards. All the experiences so far are thanks for God and his provision for this trip. God is still working in such wonderful ways…..I hope to share more stories in my next post!

BTW, we had an incredible 4th of July celebration last night. We were told that we were going to a movie, but then ended up going to someones house. They had hamburgers, hotdogs, nachos, marshmellows, homemade flag, english music (Grease and Michael Jackson), and cowboy hats for us to wear. 🙂 It was a very special night, our blessings continue as the trip unfolds.

Love you always! Give my love to Chris and Ellie! Cant wait to catch up with u!

5 07 2010

Oh I forgot to say how much the verse menat to me. It is a great verse for this trip, as I am humbled and reminded that it is only through God that these people find the Light. Thanks for the verse!

6 07 2010

I tried posting a few weeks ago but it didn’t work for some reason. Mary and I love reading on all that Daddy is teaching you. Sometimes we have to be stretched and pulled in many directions to grow and learn from Him. I am very proud of you little bro! Someday we’ll have to go on a trip together. Mary is getting a little belly. We find out if it’s a boy/girl next week so we’ll keep you posted.

In our weakness He is strong,
Becoming blind in order to see.
No matter how short or long,
Giving of ourself and then free.

Crazy love like He showed us is what will change others and give us freedom.

If you’re reading this then this post worked 😉

8 07 2010
Liz Wieczorek

Nate I have great news….not as great as Zach and Mary’s though…but still really great. On Sunday I found out that your pastor from college church has been brought on full-time!!! Isn’t that great!!!!!! I am so excited! Anyways just wanted to let you know that. And Zach your post worked and I can’t wait to find out!!! Love you both! I am so blessed to have amazing brothers like you!

17 07 2010

Hey everyone! It has been a really long time since I could update u all. I just want to let u know that everything is going great and I am countinuing to learn so much! It has been really hard to find a computer with Internet, but thankfully after 3 week I am able to send u a quick update.

At my last post we had just left Oaxaca and were on our way to Puebla. In Puebla we split up into 2 teams and began ministries in urban areas of the city. Our ministry focused on children and disciplineship of new believers. It was a cool experience working in a group of apartment complexes of 10,000 people. The experience was so different than our small communities in the mountains.

Last week we had a short Project Paul in Millamango, Tabasco. A new state in Mexico for this trip. Our teams joined together for this week and we planned services at the new church there, activities for children, construction of a house, and much more. Our time was blessed by the Lord and the people were very open to the Spirit.

So much more could be shared about our last two locations but I just don’t have time. I hope to get back on with further updates in the next few days. Their are so many more stories of God’s grace and love in His people here in Mexico. This blog doesn’t do justice of what God is doing here. Countinue to pray for our travels as we have 3 more trips planned in the next week. Also, pray for the locations and ministries that we have left, the mission there has only begun. God has so much in store for those places!

God bless! Thanks for following me on this blog, it has been fun! I can’t wait until I can talk with each of you in the months to come!

19 07 2010
josh dampf

Hey there man!!! I miss you so much! Its so encouraging to find time to catch up on your blog, and i am SOOO encouraged by reading it, its exactly how i am praying your trip would be! I am so excited for you and all the ministry that your doing, and hearing about your team and fun times makes me think so much of those YIM days 🙂 Well God really had you on my heart this past friday and i just wanted to let you know that i am continuing to cover you and your team in prayer. And as you said, may His SPIRIT continue to overflow in and through your lives my friend! And may you ” Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in your richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, whether in word of deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Col. 3:15-17 🙂 Love you man!! cant wait to hear and see you!!

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