A short update….

19 07 2010

Here I go, settle down and get comfortable.  This blog may be longer than normal.  I haven´t updated you for 3 weeks, but here I am.  I hope to give you a small taste of what has been happening here and what God has been doing in our lives and those of others in Mexico.

Right now I am sitting in the living room of one of my teammates house.  Half of the team right now is from Xalapa, Vera Cruz, Mexico.  We had plans of traveling to Mexico City today, but we decided that another 5 hour trip in a bus was not appealing to us.  So we are just chillin g in the town of Xalapa.  I believe that it is on the coast of the Gulf.  I am glad to be here and just to relax after the last 7 weeks of straight ministry.  Ministry has been incredible, and God has given us energyo  and passion for it, but we now need a little break to renew.

Okay….so going back 3 weeks….we had just arrived in Puebla.  The city is the capital city of the state of Puebla.  It has a population of about 5.5 million.  Crasy to think how many people live there…..it was overwhelming some of the time, but I was just excited to be there. Puebla is one of the oldest  in the country of Mexico, and it has a ton of history.  We had some time to see some of the city, but we saw the most of it on our 30 minute commutes to our sites of ministry.

My site of ministry was Cholula.  It was a great place to be!  It was a apartment complex area of about 10 different buildings housing about 10,000 people.  This was a HUGE change from my last community of 2,000 people in Guigovelaga, Oaxaca.  Our time there was more relax due to all the working families.  In the mountians almost of the people worked from their homes or just downtown.  Here in the city, they left for work and traveled to their various jobs.  Also, the children were in school during the afternoon.  Ministry had to be adjusted to fit these schedules.

TO BE CONTINUED…….we are heading out into the city to do some y tourism.  I hope to fill you all in very soon!  Thanks for your prayers, love each of you!  I can´t wait to talk to you about all that God is doing in Mexico!




2 responses

21 07 2010
Alison Weinstock

Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Praying for you as you begin to transition into your last week in Mexico.

23 07 2010

We miss you bro. So proud of all that you’re doing. If you missed it on facebook, we’re having a boy! Looking forward to sewing you soon… Uncle Nate.

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